You have things to donate, but have heard Forney is turning them away

posted over 9 years ago by Gonzo
This update is over 30 days old.

This is NOT true. The response has been overwhelming. Both churches at the forefront of the relief efforts and donation collections are busting at the seams with physically donated items. We are asking for donations in the form of cash, checks and local gift cards since we don't have a storage issue when donations are made in this form.

The cash/cards then allow us to respond almost immediately to specific needs that become identified with a great amount of flexibility.

If your donation must be of a physical nature, which we completely understand, we are asking you to hold on to those donations at this time. You can register as a user here and enter your possible donations through the "I want to Give" button. We will also have impacted families register and enter their needs. On the back-end, this site offers us a database to search the two lists of donations and needs. When we find a match, we will put you in touch with your neighbor and you can meet the need directly.

Please help us spread the word. We can also then utilize this site to help some of our other further neighbors by letting them know what the good folks here have listed and if we have a need there, we can possibly expand the relief efforts that have been focused on Forney.

Your generosity has been amazing. We want to utilize it to the best and most applicable way.


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