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posted over 9 years ago by ctaylor
This update is over 30 days old.

At this time all identified clean-up and recovery needs that can be accomplished by volunteer labor have been met. We are continuing to identify further needs within the community at large and will work to meet those needs as they arise. We are beyond grateful for the outpouring of compassion and generosity that the city of Forney has demonstrated during the last several days, and we know that our community has come out on the other side of this tragedy even stronger and more closely knit than it was before.

While the need for the donation of physical goods has ended, we ask that you continue to consider donating monetary gifts or gift cards in order to help the city of Forney and partner organizations meet the needs that will most certainly arise in the coming days and weeks ahead. We also ask that you continue to monitor the city's Facebook page,, and other official communications in order to be aware of needs that we identify and pass on to the community as a whole. Much of the clean up may have been finished, but the recovery is just beginning.


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