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posted over 9 years ago by ctaylor
This update is over 30 days old.

To all of you who have posted donation offers on this website, I just wanted to express how grateful I am for your generosity and ongoing support of the recovery effort here in Forney. Right now, we are going through the process of contacting families displaced by the tornado and figuring out how best we can assist them in their personal recovery efforts. If you have posted an offer of donation on this site and have not been contacted, that is simply due to the overwhelming number of donations submitted, and the fact that we can't call everyone right now! But please do not let that stop you from continuing to post offers on here, you never know, the one you post might meet the exact need that a family affected by the disaster might have.

As you all know, the recovery effort will continue full force for the next weeks and months, and you may be contacted at any point concerning your donation offer as families in need are able to accept it. Therefore, if your situation changes and you are no longer able to offer the service, item, or place you were at one time, please feel free to delete that offer from the site; that will help us as we continue to match those with needs with willing donors, and it will help you so that we don't contact you about something you might not be able to provide anymore.

Thank you again to all of you for your overwhelming generosity and support for your community, and we ask for your patience and continued support as we, and all our partner churches help all of the families displaced by the tornado reach a point of restoration and wholeness once again.

Regards, Cooper Taylor - Community Life Church


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